While we are in the state of social distancing, I will attempt to communicate news about Otterbein in this forum.

As of this writing (3/29/20), Karen and I are fine but isolating due to the Coronavirus. We are intent on contacting congregants by phone each week. We are ready and able to help out those who have needs. Please give me or Karen a call and we will do what we can to assist.

I encourage each of you, as you have time and the inclination, to reach out to our church family by phone or cards in order to keep in touch. Many would be thankful for such an outreach.

As you may know, there are pop-up food pantries going up. One of the new ones supported by Love, INC and Otterbein is the Wellspring Drive Through Food Pantry. We have placed a tub for food donations at Otterbein. It is located toward the back of the church by the hedge that runs down the east side of the church. Please consider donating non-perishables. Karen and I are volunteering at Wellspring on Wednesdays and can take your donations to them.

I also encourage you to remember Otterbein with your offerings and tithes. Checks may be sent to the church and the mailbox will be checked daily. You may also send them directly to Arlene. Her address is in the directory.

We will make it through this. We just all need to work together and be patient. I ask that you pray – for each other, for our country and for all of the families effected by this virus. Let us never forget – God is in control!

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